You shouldn't point at people when you are talking to them


The other day, I was talking with a coworker about some tasks I needed them to bởi vì and, while I was talking, I was also pointing at them (it was an unconscious way of emphasizing the "you" part).

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Upon seeing that, my manager told me lớn "not point at people" (because it was "rude") even though my coworker didn"t seem to lớn be annoyed by it.

So, why is it that society finds it rude to lớn point at people? What"s the harm in doing that?

Another situation is when someone is far away and surrounded by multiple people. In those instances, I find it really useful to be able khổng lồ point in order to lớn tell someone else "here is the person we are looking for/talking about". (the person I am pointing may or may not be able to hear what I am saying.)

However, doing this is also frowned upon by society. Why is that?

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asked Sep 2, 2020 at 13:01

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Pointing your finger at someone is seen as either an adversarial gesture or threatening one. FWIW: in some Asian cultures, it"s insulting, as you only point your finger at an animal.

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About the adversarial/threatening gesture: the finger, as shown straight, stiff, pointed towards a person (not an object), is perceived as the symbol of a weapon (knife, lance, gun...). You then become the target. Nowadays, it"s more evasive, & includes : accusing, shaming, hating, preaching, patronizing... & so on (the meaning will also depend on the tone you use). Even the iconic painting of Uncle Sam saying "I want YOU (for US Army)" is aggressive. But it was meant khổng lồ be, challenging, striking the reader.

As a kid, you point your finger to show what you want, then lớn touch a thing & discover things. Later, you keep the attitude khổng lồ draw attention. But you shouldn"t. Keeping the gesture is seen as immature, and aggressive (-> I want to touch you).

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As an adult, it"s often seen as a very impolite way to lớn interact, as pretty much all aspects of pointing your finger at someone are offensive. It"s taught from early ages, và accepted as such in the language (ie: definition from Cambridge dict. Def. #1 Cambridge dict. Def. #2 or Merriam-Webster)

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