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After the August Revolution in 1945, he was a newspaper reporter & present Labor. In addition, Van Cao also involved in the transport of money và weapons into southern fronts fronts. Hundreds of thousands of busy but this time he wrote a lot of songs left a deep impression: Zhang Chi, Vietnam Air Force, Navy Vietnam, ... He is also Executive thành viên of National Salvation Cultural Association.In 1946, Van Cao in interregional activities III. After that, he was in charge of the police investigation team và the regional section Independent newspaper wrote. This is the period really fit in his compositions, writings: song Lo (1947), My Village (1947), On the season (1948), National competition (1948), PhD in Hanoi ( 1949), In praise of President Ho đưa ra Minh (1949) ... One came.After 1954, Van Cao"s Art Association members; Musicians Association; Executive member of Vietnam Musicians Association course I, III course; Deputy General Secretary of Union literature and art.

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In addition lớn writing songs, Van Cao also wrote music for film và theater. He even wrote instrumental music, including the British symphony Uncle Ho"s poems.The works have been published: The people at sea (poems in general), Published by The Arts - 1956; Poetry collection Leaves, Published by New work; My village tuy nhiên set, advertiser Music - 1974; Thien pregnant, Youth Publishing House - 1988; Tap songs Van Cao, quảng cáo online Music - 1993 ...Although very few composed near the over of life, this talented artist also released a track in late 1975, which is "First Spring", a tuy nhiên so gentle, calming and very impersonal . Musician Van Cao was a painter. He used this art khổng lồ speak his mind.With a tireless dedication khổng lồ the country"s art scene, he was the State tiệc ngọt and the Resistance Medal, first class, third-class Independence Medal, First Class Independence Medal.In 1996, he was awarded the Ho bỏ ra Minh Prize in literature for works of art: Marching song, Fighter Vietnam, song Lo, PhD in Hanoi, Ho Chairman Praise.Both musicians, both as artist, both as a poet, in every field, he offers valuable contributions. Van Cao multi-talented artist is one of the leading musicians of our country musicians.July 10, 1995, after a period of lung cancer, died in hospital Van Cao Huu Nghi, Hanoi.In 2005, ten years after Van Cao lost, Hanoi named Van Cao book for a line of the most beautiful streets of the thành phố of Lieu Giai lớn connect from Hoang Hoa Tham Street.Works: Compared with two famous musicians in other Vietnam 1000 Pham Duy and Trinh Cong Son sections with 600 songs, Van Cao wrote no more. Musical career of Van Cao is divided into two main areas: love songs and heroic ca. In addition lớn songs, he also wrote a number of instrumental works for piano, like the River Line, Sea night away ... Customers coconut nest British symphony of Uncle Ho"s ...But writing is not much but the works of Van Cao ranks immortal music of Vietnam