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Celebrities explore their family trees in this series. In each episode, a star takes a globe-spanning journey of self-discovery lớn uncover the mysteries of his or her ancestral history. Their familial stories in turn shed light on events in American & world history.

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Watch This Tonight: Who bởi vì You Think You Are?

Cynthia Nixonis uncovering a family mystery on TLC"sWho bởi You Think You Are?On the season premiere, the formerSex and the Citystar searches for answers about her paternal ancestry and finds a family in torment. The truth soon becomes stranger than fiction when a history of deceit -- & even murder -- slowly reveals itself.Find out more about the episode và why it"s our pick for Wednesday"sWatch This Tonight:

Lisa Kudrow Tracks Down a New Season of TLC"s Who vì You Think You Are?

What"s new? What"s hot? What"s next? TLC"s celebrity genealogy show Who vị You Think You Are? doesn"t give a hoot about the zeitgeist — certainly not when the past is so damn dramatic! Executive producer Lisa Kudrow gives the scoop on the new season (premiering Wednesday at 9/8c), kicking off tonight with a former Sex và the đô thị star making a horrifying discovery...

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Exclusive Video: Christina Applegate Learns About Her Grandma on Who do You Think You Are?

Christina Applegate is discovering a side of her family she knows nothing about on TLC"s Who do You Think You Are?On Tuesday"s episode, Applegate wants khổng lồ learn about her paternal grandmother, a family thành viên whom neither she nor her father ever really knew. From wedding announcements khổng lồ society notices, Applegate is pretty surprised when she digs deep into her past.

Lisa Kudrow Previews the Return of website Therapy

What isn"t going wrong in the life of Fiona Wallice? The wildly unethical web Therapy shrink — played by Lisa Kudrow — is simultaneously dealing with a gay husband (Victor Garber), a straying boyfriend (Alan Cumming) and a mean-ass mom (Lily Tomlin) who started a rival business called Net Therapy và is now making a global killing. Plus, there"s an unauthorized, scandalously unflattering musical based on Fiona"s life that"s heading for Broadway. But there"s some good news when the Showtime improv series returns Tuesday, July 23 for Season 3 (11/10c).

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Exclusive First Look: TLC Gives Who do You Think You Are? New Life

Eight of Hollywood"s biggest celebs are delving into their family history to lớn find out where they came from on TLC"s Who do You Think You Are?Originally broadcast on NBC, Who bởi vì You Think You Are? has been given new life by TLC with eight new episodes. Each hour, a different celebrity takes a globe-spanning journey to uncover mysteries about his or her ancestry.Check out must-see summer shows