23 biggest advantages and disadvantages of the internet


I mean, did you know that there are almost 4.5 billion people online, over 1.7 billion websites, around 6 million new blog posts published daily, and millions of Google searches happening every second?

Those kinds of stats blow my mind…

They also go lớn show just how fundamental the internet is khổng lồ our lives. For me và billions of other people out there, the internet is now central to how we bởi things.

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Our reliance on the web isn’t without its issues.

All-round, though, the positive impact it’s had is hard to overstate. Want to lớn learn about 10 advantages of the internet that I think make life that bit better?

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1. Connection

The mạng internet connects (almost) the entire world.

Just think about that.

Never before have people been so connected. We’re one post, one DM, or one thư điện tử away from someone on the other side of the planet.

It’s crazy!

Our awareness of world events is heightened. Our understanding of foreign cultures (and our own, as a result) is advanced. Our frame of reference and horizons extend outside of our little bubbles.

And so on.

Overall, the internet makes friends of people who would otherwise be aliens.

2. Communication

Communication is massive as well.

You can be separated by continents but talk with loved ones as if they’re in the same room; you can see their faces at the same time.

In a working context that’s a massive deal as well.

Combine connectivity with communications & you can work from anywhere. More people than ever before (myself included) now work remotely.

There’s just far less need to be fixed khổng lồ one location. Connect lớn WiFi & you can chat just as easily as if you were together in an office.

You’re never alone with the internet.

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Even people who lack close friends & family in ‘real-life’ can find chat rooms & online communities to meet others & form connections.


3. Convenience

Life without the internet would be a thousand times harder.

Think about all the things you use it for each day:

Shopping, navigating, finding places to lớn eat/drink, working, contacting people, checking the news, booking transport…the list goes on and on, right?

Take that all away & what vị you do?

I sometimes think about that- what would I actually vày without the internet? Frankly, I’d be screwed. I mean, the mạng internet is how I earn a living! No net, no nothing.

I see the internet as ‘the great enabler’.

It makes things possible. & the things it makes possible, it makes easy. Take away the web & everything gets that bit more inconvenient.

4. Access khổng lồ Information

This is the biggie, in my opinion.

Information is everything.

And the mạng internet is full of it. Anything you want khổng lồ find, discover, & learn about…you go straight khổng lồ Google, right?

That’s it. No more encyclopaedias, no more never-ending arguments, no more uncertainty.

You just ask Google and get your answers.

That’s powerful, & another reason I reckon we’d all struggle if you took the internet away all of a sudden. Where would we go for information?

It’s almost got khổng lồ a point where I wouldn’t know where lớn look, or who else lớn ask.

It would be like the collapse of the Roman Empire và the swift descent into the Dark Ages- the foundation of your prosperity swept from under your feet.

If the mạng internet really is the ‘great enabler’, like as said, then it’s also the ‘great leveller’.

It gives information (aka power) to lớn the people, just like the printing press did back in the day.

Insight, facts & understand are no longer reserved for the few; it’s now available khổng lồ the masses. If you have a điện thoại and an mạng internet connection you can realize & achieve almost anything in life.

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5. Education

Information goes hand in hand with education.

To any school or college/uni students reading this, can you imagine what your education would look like with the internet?

How much harder would your homework/assignments be? How much more challenging would it be to study for exams, prepare those presentations, and write those essays?