Word 2010 & Word 2013 have a greater range of text effects than earlier versions of Word. There’s an array of color, outline, shadow, reflection & glow options. Enough to lớn satisfy most people & also enough for most people to make horrible design choices.

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Text effects start with a gallery of pre-set choice. In Word 2010 the gallery looks like this:



In addition, the OpenType features (Number Styles, Ligatures và Stylistic Sets) were added lớn the Word 2013 Text Effects menu. The same OpenType options are available in Word 2010 but didn’t get a place on the thực đơn (look under phông | Advanced instead). has a separate feature on OpenType Ligatures but we’ll cảnh báo here that under the Stylistic Sets menu thành tích there’s a preview of the available sets.

Fast Text Effects

There are so many text effect options that it’s easy to lớn get overwhelmed. Those of us with little thiết kế sense (like your humble correspondent) can make something that looks really garish và horrible.

The trick is to keep the effects simple and not use too many effects at once.

That’s where the gallery options are useful. Not only vì they give you some presets lớn work from but they’ve been created by experts.

You can use the presets unchanged but they are better used as a starting point for your own variations.

Text Effects has multiple gallery presets. There’s the main one in the ribbon pull-down list. Hover over one of the options to see a tooltip with details of the settings:

Under Outline, there are presets for Weight and Dashes.

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To get a good và quick effect, type in the text you want formatted & make it the approximate kích cỡ you want it khổng lồ be, select the text then go lớn the Text Effects gallery. Choose the effect that’s closest to what you want. In this example, the shadow/mirror effect looks good, leaving the rest of the text quite plain.

Next try adding an outline. The thicker outlines look quite bad but the thinnest outline adds a bit of definition to lớn the letters.

Keep it simple

You can be very creative và experiment with host of permutations & combinations using all the text effects. In general you’re better off using only a few subtle effects.

For a single line of text you can choose different effects for each word in the sentence or even choose different effects for each letter in the word.

Though why you’d want lớn create such horribly messed up text is another matter beyond the control of MS Office .

All the options

The menu/gallery is just the tip of the proverbial. For all the text effect options go to trang chủ | Font, click the arrow on bottom right then click the Text Effects button.

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In the “Font” window that pops open click on “Text Effects” link located at the bottom of the window.