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ELSA Pro users gain full access to all of ELSA"s exclusive lessons and receive daily customized lesson plans from the ELSA AI Coach. They even get a detailed report analyzing their pronunciation, allowing them to lớn improve quickly và efficiently.

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I never thought I would be able to get rid of my strong Chinese accent... Then I discovered this app. It helped me identify issues with my pronunciation that I was not aware of... There’s already a vast improvement with my speech.


I love this app!! It helps me speak English fluently và fix my strong accent. I can see my improvement clearly after 3 months of use... When I try to lớn speak in Google Translate, it is correct nearly 85% of the time, which is much more than before.

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This ứng dụng is great. I’m that person that NEVER writes reviews. It’s that good... Amazing easy interface for everyday use, and great discounts; I bought the full version for a year. God bless you developers ❤️


My English teacher recommended this tiện ích to me. I tried & it really works! My pronunciation was very bad. After using the app, I find that my speaking skill improves day by day. Thank you team!


ELSA feels 5 years ahead of the competition. I’ve been using it for months và made lots of progress on both my ability lớn perceive some nuances of the American accent I couldn’t quite grasp before, và of course in producing the sounds more natively.


The ứng dụng is simply amazing. It has a lot of different tools lớn help you learn everything about the language. I almost didn’t believe when I saw how many lessons it has. It has a gorgeous layout, and the voice that helps you don’t seem lượt thích a robot.


One of the few apps that I’ve ever bought. It’s really helpful, even the không lấy phí version you can practice pronunciation with “Dictionary” or “Study Plans.” If you buy it, it tailors lessons for your needs.

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The best app I’ve ever used. I really improved my English with it. Not only pronunciation, fluency, intonation, word stress and listening. But also vocabulary and grammar in an active learning way that makes me feel better và more confident when I speak.