Kích thước 1 tấm tôn


Size of 1 sheet of corrugated iron will basically have a standard rate. In construction, choosing a suitable corrugated iron sheet in terms of form size is really important. Careful consideration while choosing materials contributes to lớn creating a solid foundation for the house in the future, avoiding the effects of increasingly harsh weather.

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What is the standard form size of a sheet of corrugated iron?

With a standard gauge, that would have scaled to lớn exactly 1.07 meters. The larger standard gauges can reach 1.2 or 1.6 meters. Each construction project needs lớn use more diverse types of corrugated iron to support a reasonable construction process.

With corrugated iron, the usual kích thước will be from 900 to 1070mm of finished product. In which the useful size will be from 850 lớn 1000mm. Special kích thước 1200 – 1600mm & useful size will range in kích thước 1170 – 1550mm.


Insulation corrugated iron: One of the types of corrugated iron with a structure of 3 layers, which is highly appreciated for its effective heat & noise resistance for today’s users.

Corrugated iron sheet (Galvanized steel sheet): The product’s selling price is quite cheap, easy to move and has not high durability as expected.

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