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English is the most commonly studied second language in the world. There have never been more study materials at your fingertips, articles promising secret hacks, or online communities to support you. But if you need lớn learn English quickly, which is the easiest path lớn results? 

In this guide, we have pulled together a step-by-step rundown of the techniques that have proven to deliver progress fast, why they work and some resources that can help you follow them. Here’s what you’ll find inside:

How to lớn learn English easily

Start speaking as soon as possibleStart readingMake yourself accountableSet more useful targets than “I will become fluent”Keep your personal goal in mindTry flashcards khổng lồ boost your vocabularyLearn whole sentencesSing alongWatch TVListen lớn native English speakers (try to!) speak your languageChange your phone và social truyền thông media settings lớn EnglishFind a community of language learners

12 effective tips to lớn learn English fast and easy

1. Start speaking as soon as possible

If you are serious about learning khổng lồ speak English quickly, the evidence is clear: having regular conversations with a fluent speaker is pretty much the only way. 

The faster you can break the mental barrier of testing out your language skills out loud, the faster you will be able to speak confidently. 

A năm nhâm thìn study published by the University of Michigan demonstrated that students learning a language by having conversations over webcam tend khổng lồ see much faster results than those using traditional methods. Scientists followed two groups of students as they began learning a new language:

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Group A was studying using grammar và vocabulary exercises Group B was learning by speaking, using đoạn phim technology

After twelve weeks, it was found that Group A had made no significant improvement, but Group B had developed their language skills significantly. They had gained more varied vocabularies, performed better in listening comprehension tests, were better able to use grammar, và were able to lớn speak more confidently. 


Put simply, even if you study vocabulary exercises, grammar lessons & theory regularly for weeks, unless you learn English by speaking, you risk not learning how lớn draw these skills together. This is an easy mistake lớn make. How often have you heard someone say, “I can understand most of what I hear in English, but I am not very good at speaking it”? 

Luckily, it has never been easier to lớn find someone lớn practice speaking with, even if you’re learning English from home! tinhdaudua.com.vn has thousands of expert tutors ready lớn chat over webcam, và you can adjust our filters to lớn only show those who charge what you can afford lớn pay. 

Having a native speaker’s undivided attention for regular one hour sessions can feel intense, but that’s because it is highly effective. You will see real progress fast. We are so confident that all lessons come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

2. Start reading

It has never been easier khổng lồ find reading materials in English, or quicker to lớn look things up on Google Translate if you get frustrated. If you aren’t quite ready khổng lồ tackle the complete works of Shakespeare, try: 

Browsing celebrity gossip on easy-reading websites like Buzzfeed, Mashable or UpworthyReading a book you love in your native language in the English translationSwitching your tìm kiếm browser lớn show English language results by defaultFollowing more American/British/Australian public figures on Twitter & Facebook 

If you find yourself stopping & starting a lot, try studying this các mục of “Fry words”. They are thought to lớn be the first 1000 words necessary for reading in English, and make up around 50% of all written text.

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3. Make yourself accountable

If you want to lớn learn English fast, regular practice has khổng lồ become a habit. But it’s no good just promising you’ll spend extra time working on your language skills. You have khổng lồ find some way of guaranteeing you’ll practice even when life gets in the way. 

If you have great willpower, making yourself accountable could be as simple as setting an alarm on your phone lớn remind you to vày some learning at a certain time every day, such as when you come home from work. But for most of us, staying motivated to vì chưng anything new is far easier when someone else is depending on us. 

In one study, The American Society of Training and Development (ASTD) found that you have a 65% chance of completing a goal if you commit to lớn someone. Even more encouragingly: if you have a specific appointment with this person to lớn discuss your progress, the chance of completing your goal rises khổng lồ 95%.

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You could search for a partner who is also learning English to lớn regularly compare progress with, or simply find a tutor who you lượt thích and respect. 

If you decide lớn try one of tinhdaudua.com.vn’s tutors, watch videos from a few different people before taking a lesson. Search for someone you think you might connect with, perhaps a person with similar interests or life experiences to you. It is easy to stick to your language learning goals when one of our awesome tutors is rooting for you! 

Alternatively, try finding a study buddy. Kiểm tra out our rundown of the 10 best language exchange apps of 2020 for more on this.

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4. Mix more useful targets than “I will become fluent”

In the language learning community, there is so much emphasis on “becoming fluent,” but when you are taking the first steps on your journey to lớn learning English, is this a helpful goal? Probably not. 

Fixating on fluency suggests that there is an endpoint lớn learning English, a point that is always out of reach. The truth is that everyone who speaks any language at all is still learning. Research has shown that most people continue khổng lồ learn an extra word in their native language every day until middle age. 

You will learn faster if you set targets relevant to lớn your individual context. Better targets are ones that allow you to lớn track your progress in relation to lớn your own life. They are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, và time-bound, or “SMART.” These are some great examples:

Within six months, I want to lớn be able to speak with my business partners and email them in English quickly without using a dictionary.Within three months, I want lớn be able to lớn make small talk on common topics (weather, tourism, sports, etc.) with native English speakers.After nine months of learning English online, I want to lớn score 100 points in the TOEFL exam, so I can apply and get accepted khổng lồ Columbia University.


5. Keep your personal goal in mind 

There is no easy way around it: learning English fast will take serious energy. In order khổng lồ stick with it, you have to lớn have a motivation that sets your heart on fire. 

When you have identified your goal, you can make sure that all of your efforts take you another step towards it. For instance, someone learning English khổng lồ take a degree at an English language university might focus on specialist words & phrases relevant to lớn their course. If you’re learning English for work, you might lượt thích to focus on words và phrases relevant to lớn the office. Many people also choose khổng lồ learn for a partner, or someone they love, và spend the most time on informal language. 

This step will save you from a common frustration: following a textbook that encourages you lớn learn content which you will not need lớn use anytime soon. Don’t spend hours memorizing words for all the animals in the zoo, if it won’t be helpful for presenting at that board meeting!

This is another benefit of working with one of tinhdaudua.com.vn’s tutors. You can discuss your personal reasons for learning English and work with them khổng lồ create a scheme of learning tailored to lớn you. That way, you can learn the vocabulary you need a lot faster. 

Learning English for work? Why not look for a tutor who specializes in Business English.