Equal Đi Với Giới Từ Gì


Equal đi với giới từ bỏ gì? equal to, in, of tuyệt with? là thắc mắc chung của rất nhiều người. Để gọi hơn về ý nghĩa, ngữ pháp cũng như cách thực hiện “Equal” trong tiếng Anh như thế nào, hãy cùng tinhdaudua.com.vn kiếm tìm hiểu cụ thể ngay trong nội dung bài viết dưới đây.

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Equal đi cùng với giới từ gì? equal to, in, of hay with?

Equal là gì?

equal /’i:kwəl/

tính từngang, bằngngang mức độ (cuộc đấu…)đủ sức, đủ khả năng; thỏa mãn nhu cầu đượcto be equal to lớn one’s responsibility: tất cả đủ kĩ năng làm tròn nhiệm vụ của mìnhto be equal khổng lồ the occasion: có đủ tài năng đối phó cùng với tình hìnhto be equal lớn someone’s expectation: đáp ứng nhu cầu được sự ý muốn đợi của aibình đẳngdanh từngười ngang hàng, fan ngang tài ngang sức(số nhiều) trang bị ngang nhau, vật bằng nhaungoại rượu cồn từbằng, ngang, sánh kịp, bì kịp

Equal đi với giới từ bỏ gì?

equal to lớn sth

One litre is equal lớn 1.76 imperial pints.

She received a bonus of $15,065, equal to 40% of her salary.

be equal to (doing) sth

to have the ability, experience, or skill that is necessary to do something difficult:I’m not sure he’s equal khổng lồ the demands of such a high-pressure job.

equal in volume/number/value/size

One box may look bigger than the other, but in fact they are roughly (= almost) equal in volume.

be the equal of sb/be sb’s equal

someone or something who is as important, successful, etc. As someone or something else:

The EU increasingly sees itself as the equal of the US.

Độ phổ biến của giới từ bỏ sau Equal

In 76% of cases equal to is used

With our dollar equal to the U.

Yes, Women Are Now Equal To Men.

The input current is equal to 0.

The square of the hypotenuse was equal to the sum of the square of the other two sides.

To understand coherence, let us take two points on a wave front, at time equal to zero.

Man, with his robust frame and trained self-command, is often barely equal to the task.

The liquid would boil when its saturated vapour pressure became equal to the external pressure – in this case at 50C.

And further the force of that which initiates movement must be made equal to the force of that which remains at rest.

Suppose further that the number of 1? s in the row i is less than or equal to the number in row i+1, for i = 0,1, n-2.

Each state is allocated a number of electors, equal to the size of its delegation in both houses of Congress combined.

Beloved by nature equal in age.

Everyone is equal in this respect.

All are equal in the eyes of Allah.

I can not believe for one minute that early human society was equal in terms of gender.

They have seen và heard the justice and knew that people are equal in front of justice.

A proton has a positive charge equal in magnitude lớn the negative charge of an electron.

One more win would lift Alonso level with Britain’s 1992 champion Nigel Mansell as fourth equal in the all-time list.

I want to end my response khổng lồ this thread by writing simply this: All men are born equal in terms of spiritual wealth.

Slovak Republic, Slovenia, South Korea, Greece và Czech Republic on the other hand are very equal in terms of income.

For the last 30 years they have developed their know-how & when it comes to Foxconn there is no one equal in the US.

So they can claim to be equal of men.

I think they are the equal of women’s.

But not for the equal of a 1 year player.

I, of course, always use my trusty Tweezermans — the equal of which I have yet to find.

Good Girl Gone Bad has at least six, making it the equal of, say, Madonna’s Ray of Light.

When you talk about prophetic anointing, it is difficult to find an equal of that fellow.

This company delivers benefits to lớn its customers that are the equal of those delivered by any business that I know of.

In fact, regional carrier MetroPCS was often the equal of Sprint and at times even outperformed the national carrier.

That, plus professional membership, is often seen as being at least the equal of a Masters, and is far more practical.

This precisely compares plant life to hair; the hair roots tend to lớn be the equal of the roots of the plants or flowers.

Accomplish equal with your bed.

You can be also equal with Krsna.

He lived on terms equal with God.

By 500 BC, it was wealthy enough to negotiate as an equal with the pharaohs of Egypt.

No intercessor will they have from those whom they made equal with Allah (partners i.

Biblically, however, Jesus is equal with the Father in His divine nature (John 10:30).

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Foreign Policy magazine placed Easterly as number 39 on its 2009 các mục of đứng đầu 100 Global Thinkers, equal with Sachs.

The union of these three names in the form of baptism proves that the Son and Holy Spirit are equal with the Father.

He quotes a hymn that describes how Christ, being equal with God, humbled himself khổng lồ the point of death on the cross.

This is just like the stupid man who, wanting to be equal with the rich, casts out the precious possessions of his own.

We’re All Equal Before the Law.

Everyone stands equal before God.

Everyone is equal before the rules.

It says that all men are equal before the law, but some are more equal than others.

It does nt becos we are all equal before the law per laws in Const & Bill of Rights.

The rule of law means that all are equal before law and there is one law for everyone.

While we are all equal before God, He still gives us various levels of talents và corresponding responsibilities.

Though we may all be equal before God, this does nothing to help aid the feminist cause of equality here on earth.

No one has yet come up with any credible intellectual opposition to the fact that everyone is equal before the law.

All languages are equal for it.

The horror of both was equal for me.

They have lớn be equal for all of us.

January 2012 — a new year — a new beginning — a fresh opportunity equal for us all.

Hourly workers should be 110% equal for the same work, promotions and hiring practice.

It is also equal for every region and every person of the world without discrimination.

Men need liberating as much as women và as you say, a society that is equal for men and women is good for everyone.

As for me i believe in one Nigeria, a strong Nigeria where all will be seen as one with all parameters equal for all.

Everyone uses all these services, therefore the tax should be equal for everyone no matter if they make more or less.

Now I know that Raspbian is meant to run on a Pi and as such the hardware is equal for all systems it is installed on.

Hispanics are Equal on this one.

Both teams were equal on points.

Everyone is equal on the golf course.

Australia, Argentina và New Zealand finished equal on top of Pool B with 10 points each.

The colors & designs along the dorsal and foot are also equal on both sides of the slug.

Haugesund, on the other hand, drop from fourth lớn fifth, now equal on points with Vlerenga.

At the same time the guys praised the Norwegians for being very approachable, making everyone feel equal on the boat.

Symmetry is Sexy Believe it or not, just being equal on both sides automatically gives you something attractive lớn women.

The OLS results assume that the impact of job strain on smoking & alcohol consumption is equal on average for all users.

All MUST BE equal under the law.

No, we are not equal under the law.

All citizens are equal under the law.

Most Canadians tell me they believe we are all equal under the rule of law in Canada.

It is the most effective law there is, everyone is equal under it, and it is totally free.

CritReasoning Here’s what the guide says: In Canada, men & women are equal under the law.

We are supposed to be equal under the law, but Republicans are trying lớn stack the cards against the working class.

When people are treated as equal under the law, hostilities among neighbors subside, & social unity has a chance to grow.

Should two proposals be assessed equal under these main criteria, the one adopting a more innovative format will be favored.

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Freedom of speech, freedom to assemble, right to a trial of your peers, everyone was equal under the law the các mục goes on & on.