Describe A Place You Have Visited


Describe a beautiful place khổng lồ visit in your country là nhà đề thân quen với người thi IELTS. Sau đây là các mẫu cấu tạo và tự vựng trường đoản cú TIW sở hữu đến.

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1. Describe a beautiful place to visit in your country – Part 22. Vày you people in your country like to travel? – Part 3

1. Describe a beautiful place lớn visit in your country – Part 2

Describe a beautiful place to lớn visit in your country là giữa những chủ đề quen thuộc thuộc, nhưng để triển khai sao lấy trọn phần điểm Speaking Part 2 yên cầu nhiều yếu tố như phân phát âm, kỹ năng diễn đạt. Bạn phải chuẩn bị một cấu trúc mạch lạc.

Bài mẫu mã (Sample Answer)

Being a travel buff who has phối foot in many locations across Vietnam, I seriously believe that my country is trang chủ to some of the best tourist attractions in the world. The problem is, many of them have yet to lớn gain the global reputation that they rightfully deserve. One of the most prominent examples would be Sapa, a mountainous town located in one of the northernmost provinces of my country.

Usually referred to lớn as “The Foggy Town”, Sapa is covered with fog all year round due lớn its high altitude, which gives it such an ethereal beauty. Despite the commercialization which has been taking place in recent years, fortunately most of the landscapes within the area still remain untouched by humans. Though I have been here quite a few times, the magnificence of the pristine forests & rivers has never ceased lớn amaze me.


Describe a beautiful place to visit in your country – IELTS Speaking Part 2

Natural landscapes aside, cultural beauty is certainly another key selling point for Sapa. The town is mainly occupied by the Hmong people, one of the regions’ largest ethnic groups. Tourists can choose to lớn stay in ecolodges run by the Hmongs themselves và get immersed in their culture – you know, enjoying local dishes and trying local costumes. What I love about these activities is that the price point is usually very affordable, which means you can gain authentic experiences within budget.

Overall, Sapa is very high on my list when it comes lớn travel destinations within Vietnam. When someone asked me to lớn “describe a beautiful place you once visited”, I always talked about Sapa. Should the opportunity present itself, foreign visitors should definitely pay this spectacular town a visit.

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Travel buff (n): người mê du lịchProminent (adj): nổi bậtNorthernmost (adj): tận cùng phía bắcAltitude (n): cao độEthereal (adj): kỳ ảoCommercialization (n): thương mại dịch vụ hóaMagnificence (n): sự tráng lệCultural beauty (n): vẻ đẹp văn hoáKey selling point (n): lợi điểm bán sản phẩm chínhPristine (adj): nguyên vẹn, ban sơEthnic group (n): dân tộcEcolodge (n): khu nghỉ ngơi sinh tháiPrice point (n): mức giá

Ngoài chủ thể Describe a beautiful place khổng lồ visit in your country, bạn cũng đều có cơ hội bắt gặp dạng thắc mắc tương từ bỏ như Describe a beautiful place you have visited in Vietnam. Câu vấn đáp trên đáp ứng một cách đầy đủ yêu mong IELTS SPEAKING Part 2, cùng tham khảo nhé!

2. Bởi vì you people in your country like to travel? – Part 3

Flooded with
(v): ngập trànDomestic (adj): nội địaAdmittedly (adv): thừa nhận làQuick escape (n): chuyến xả đang ngắn ngàyIntact (adj): nguyên vẹn, chưa bị khai thácFixated on (adj): tập trung vào câu hỏi gì đó, quyết làm những gì đó

2.1. How has traveling changed compared khổng lồ several decades ago?

Perhaps the biggest shift has been in how far people are willing lớn travel.

Decades ago, people would often travel within their local region, which made sense because transportation means were limited at that time, & quite costly anyway. Well, the story today could not be more different. Advances in the aviation industry and cheaper transportation costs have allowed tourists to lớn travel intercontinentally much more easily and quickly.

The fact that international travel has become more popular is also attributable to lớn countries’ open-door policy on tourism. I mean, compared lớn the past, it is generally much cheaper now to lớn apply for travel visas or book hotels in a foreign nation.

Aviation (n): hàng khôngIntercontinentally (adv): xuyên lục địaOpen-door policy (n): chế độ mở cửa

2.2. When vì chưng people often travel and whom vày they usually go with?

I mean, everybody leads a different life. But most commonly, people would choose lớn travel during big holidays, when they bởi not have any work obligations and can afford khổng lồ go anywhere they want for a few days. They want khổng lồ put their mind at ease after a long time working hard.

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Regarding travel partners, friends & families are always classic options, and for all the right reasons. Most people are so occupied with work that they just can’t find the time to bond with their beloved ones. Traveling together is a great way khổng lồ compromise

Work obligation (n): nghĩa vụ công việcFor all the right reasons: vày những vì sao chính đángCompromise (v): bù đắp

Describe a beautiful place you have visited – IELTS Speaking Part 2

2.3. Vì you think travel can change people’s way of thinking?

Of course, these days you can virtually travel via the Internet. Still, for me, nothing can beat the experience of being truly immersed in an authentic foreign culture. I mean, how can you understand a cuisine without actually trying the food there? and how can you gain insight into a culture without having actual interactions with its people?

Again, what I’m trying khổng lồ say is that travel does possess the power of changing your worldview.

Expand one’s horizon (v): không ngừng mở rộng hiểu biếtGain insight (n): góc nhìn của người trong cuộcWorldview (n): quả đât quan

Trên đấy là những câu trả lời mẫu (sample answer) cho chủ đề Describe a beautiful place khổng lồ visit in your country. Tương tác ngay với TIW để được tìm hiểu thêm những khóa đào tạo và huấn luyện IELTS vừa đủ 4 tài năng nhé!