Chuyển từ kanji sang hiragana

Convert Kanji (漢字) & Websites khổng lồ Romaji or Hiragana (and translate Japanese khổng lồ English, too). A resource for studying Japanese & kanji, improving vocabulary or reading manga & anime. With most nihongo (日本語), the translator has an accuracy rate of over 99%.

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tốc độ Issues Network issues now fixed.

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New Feature Click on the star on the popup to lớn favorite words. (See image below).

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Did you know? You can now cốt truyện your translations. Just copy paste the URL like this:

Click the word khổng lồ get more translations:


And the Romaji, Kana, Original options for the quick rollover:


The future of the site ×
New Features

I"ve added (or will shortly add) new features such as history, starring vocabulary items, writing notes, substituting translations etc. And these will need a login. Additionally, the parser is more accurate, some words have usage notes, và I"ll be adding Japanese lessons etc.


In short, with the majority of users using adBlockers (which I understand) the running costs, which are substantial, are no longer covered by the ads. Also, there are issues with robots sending huge numbers of translation requests which a login system will prevent. In simple terms, it meant last year I was paying out of pocket khổng lồ keep the site running!

No more ads for most users

Ads aren"t a good experience anyway, so they are permanently removed for users who donate.

thiết bị di động App?

As the site is now di động friendly, there is no need to lớn have an ứng dụng (although I may make one in the future). So essentially, it works lượt thích an app.

Future Updates

I"m committed to continually improving the site, và will continue to địa chỉ new features such as speaking practice, example sentences, flash cards, grammar lessons, etc.

Thank you for your understanding,


PS: The old parser is now permanently closed.


This shows the yellow rollover with the short definition và reading.

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When you click the word, the longer definition appears.

mobile Users

You may prefer to choose one or the other.

Blind Users

You may prefer khổng lồ turn off the pop option.

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Main Option & Simple (roll + pop)

These are essentially the same. The main option outputs the words with the reading & meanings above & below, while the simple reading just shows the romaji (or kana). You can toggle these options anyway, but this saves a click or two if you regularly use one or the other.